#MySexySaturday – A Sexy First Kiss, from The Dark Side

MSS_button 250x250Hello, and welcome to my blog this crisp November weekend for another episode of My Sexy Saturday. This week the theme is sexy firsts, and I am sharing something from my own ‘sexy first’ trilogy, The Dark Side.

In this excerpt, Nathan and Eva have gone star-gazing. She is something of a astro-nerd and can name all the craters on the Moon. She proceeds to do pretty much just that, and suddenly realises everyone is staring at her. In a fit of self-consciousness she runs off, but Nathan is having none of that.

The pounding of running footsteps behind me, coming up fast, startles me out of my self-pitying reverie an instant before I feel strong hands grab me around my waist from behind, and sweep me off my feet. “Where are you off to, Lucy Skywalker?” He holds me in his arms, spins me around then, standing still, he blows a raspberry into my neck. To say I’m stunned doesn’t even touch the sides! A raspberry! Christ! Startled, I clutch his shoulders, scared he might drop me. “What are you—?”

darkening_800 (1)“So, you’re a star-gazing nerd as well as a beautiful musician? You take things too seriously, Miss Byrne. You take yourself too seriously. Lighten up—you’re among friends here.”

“I… But… You’re my employer, and I…”

“Well, strictly speaking I’m a client of Little Maestros rather than your employer.” I start to protest at his splitting hairs that are already quite narrow enough, but he isn’t to be put off. “And I like you. You’re staying in my home, with my family. You’re pretty, and clever, a brilliant musician as far as I can tell, and a good teacher. And you know all about the Moon as well, so that’s a bonus. Rosie likes you. Grace likes you. That makes you my friend, at least. What’s not to like?” He lets my feet down and turns me to face him, his hands loosely clasped together behind my back, and looks down at me, waiting.

Well, I suppose he must be looking down at me. I’m staring at my own feet, my head a chaotic tangle of emotions crashing into one another. I’m confused, exhilarated, delighted and terrified, paralysed by my own intense desire for at least some of this to be true—could it be possible that this beautiful, sophisticated, gorgeous man, and his amazing family, might see something in me that is attractive? Likeable? That he—they—could see past the bookish, short-sighted, flat-chested, plain little swot with hair like a bunch of electrified carrots to find something nice? Something interesting? Something to admire?

After a few moments of silence, he tips my chin up with a gentle finger. His eyes on mine are warm, soft and dark. “Are you crying, Miss Byrne?” he asks softly, gently, and I realise I am. With his thumb he wipes away the single tear that has started to roll down my cheek, and bringing his other hand up to my jaw, he frames my face with his hands. “Are you unhappy here?” he whispers.

“No.” I mouth my reply, not wanting to break the spell.

“Ah, something else then. May I…?” His face lowers slowly towards mine, and I know he intends to kiss me. He mumbles “Holy fuck, Eva,” before he   brushes  his lips over  my jawline then settles them  on my mouth.

I hope you enjoyed this seven (or so) paragraphs from Darkening, book 1 in the series. You can get your hands on the whole lot from the usual places Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.com  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance

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